Haunted Halloween Drinks Are Brewing

Halloween is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to buy the ingredients for your party brew!

We know how much work it takes to throw an Thrilling Halloween party, so this year takes your Halloween party to the next level by serving some spooky cocktails. Imagine the looks of horror and fright when serving a drink with an eyeball floater!

Halloween drinks

Check out these ideas and make sure you let us know your favorites in the comments!

By far, the easiest way to up the spook factor is with the punch bowl. plays host to many scary cocktails. The punch bowl can play host to a witches’ brew, a spider’s lair or the final resting place for a body part or two.

witches brewTo make a witches’ brew, buy a cauldron, add punch and stir with a broom stick. For even more authenticity, use dried ice to create a fog effect. If you don’t feel comfortable using dried ice, try putting a fog machine behind the table.

To create the spider’s lair, drape your punch bowl with yarn or cotton gauze in the pattern of a spider web. It may work best to use a dark-colored punch bowl but a light-colored or clean one still works. Don’t forget to add your spiders (not real ones, yuck!) I would recommend placing it in the middle of the web or floating in the punch. Then add handfuls of little spiders in the bowl. You can also put the little spiders in the punch cups where no-one is expecting them. Creepy!

For a gruesome punch, use a clear punch bowl and fill with a punch that is red in color (or die it red by using clear and light-colored liquids and red food dye). Then add your favorite plastic body parts, like eyeballs, severed fingers and hands and a large brain. Gross!

Scary Halloween cocktails aren’t limited to the punch bowl. Fake body parts are a key ingredient to making individuals drinks spooky. For maximum impact, try using dark glasses (plastic is often good for Halloween) to hide the creepy body parts. Float an eyeball or bloody finger in each drink. If you decide to go with the old mini bloody brain, use a clear liquids and serve in a clear rocks or cocktail glass to really show it off. You can find spare body parts at your neighborhood novelty store or on the Internets. If you’re in a rush, bloody red drinks are a great way to up the creep factor. And everyone can pretend they’re vampires!

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